Love my lashes!

I have been getting my lashes done for years at Beauty Fetish. Every time I go, she does an excellent job. Beauty Fetish is definitely a part of my Glam Squad! She is the nicest, most professional person you will ever meet. Thank you for your services!

Rashidah Hasan

Glam Queen

I met Sandye Lomax many years ago and have been a client and friend since then. She is a consummate professional full of so many talents; including, a listening ear and encouraging words. Yes, her job is beauty, but she’s so much more. Her smile is contagious and her skills are bountiful. On my absolute worst day, she makes me look and feel like a million bucks. Her humble attitude and beautiful spirit allows me to call her a friend and truly mean it. When it comes to my beauty choices and \”Glam Squad,\” she will always be first on my list. She’s my go to girl for all my Beauty Fetishes!

Tina Williams

Sandye can make you feel whole again!

I found Beauty Fetish after doing a simple Google search for lash extensions near me when I moved to Atlanta 3 years ago. What divine order! The moment I met Sandye my heart melted because of her compassion and kindness. But I waited to make my final assessment until the \”proof was in the pudding.\” When she handed me the mirror after my first session, I could have cried a river. As a breast cancer survivor my lashes came back full but no length at all. Sandye made my eyes look stunning. They were natural looking, felt like my own natural lashes, and I felt pampered. The spa environment that she has created is so inviting and relaxing. I was hooked! Her work is so phenomenal that even though I no longer live in Atlanta, when my schedule allows, I fly back to specifically have my lashes done by her. She\’s an earth angel with a God-given talent of making people, especially cancer survivors, feel beautiful.

Sheri Prentiss, MD

Magical to say the very least!

Sandye is so amazing and the eyelashes are too! Spend some time with Sandye and you walk out feeling beautiful and refreshed. She is so incredible at what she does and then on top of that she makes you feel special during your visit. I love her and the eye lashes are second to none….and I have tried many many places!

Kristen Mehr

My Beauty Fetish Experience

I remember I was getting my hair done at a new salon, and I was intrigued by the work that was being done in the corner by a beautiful woman whose spirit & smile filled the entire salon. I inquired about the services being performed, and that was my first introduction to Ms. Sandye Lomax. I scheduled my first lash appointment and our spirits connected instantly. Sandy has a way of making you feel comfortable and appreciated. Her heart is genuine and kind, and she truly loves her work. I never went back to that particular salon, but I maintain my professional and personal friendship with Sandye to this day. Beauty Fetish lashes by Sandye feel natural, and beautifully enhance your appearance. The warm Beauty Fetish experience is icing on the cake 🙂

Crystal Khalil

Beauty fetish is a life changer

I happened upon Beauty Fetish 3 years ago and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. I had a full set put on and have been coming back ever since. There is a high quality and certain pride that is taken in Sandye\’s work and it shows as I have gotten endless compliments; she does such great work that people think I have beautiful natural luscious lashes. On top of the quality product she is also an amazing person. I have recently moved out of country and will not be able to replace the luxurious look or experience no matter how hard I try.

Robin Snyder

Lash love ❤️

I don\’t think there has been a day that has gone by that someone didn\’t complement my lashes. I absolutely love how efficient and professional Sandye is! On top of that she has the best attitude alllllllllll the time! Great experience every time ??

Adrienne Smith